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myVegas slots codes – gow to get them? [ONLINE GUIDE]


First of all we have to say what myVegas game is. Not every of our visitors know how to play this game, what are the rules and what to expect in the game. So myVegas Slots is a game developed by gaming studio called PLAYSTUDIO. They are group of programmers who had a dream and decided to create something new, fresh and something profitable. They have partnerd with the biggest brands in the whole Las Vegas and they offer you free hotel nights, casino spins, chips, drinks, girls and a loooot more.

What are the newest features in myVegas Version 1.37.0

This is the classical version of Thunder Clash of Vegas slots which can bring you fortune with the first spin. This is created for all people. Doesn’t matter if you are young, old, woman or man – you will love this from the first spin. Trust me! All you have to do is to hit 5 starts in a row and get bonus symbols during the free spin rounds. Then you are ready to go.

myVegas slots codes advices

We all know that there are codes which you can use to get free spins. Do not forget about it that all this games was invented by human and they are all have bugs. All you need to do is to find a way to win with the machine. There are plenty (!!) of places in the internet where they will tempt you to download/get/enter you Social Security number in order to get the code online. We have tested like 100’s of such websites and guess what – they don’t work. If you are looking for a real myVegas slots codes then you have to visit A few more words about them later on…

MyVegas Loyality points

What are these ponts? We all know that companies are tryin to fight for a customer. Each client is a goldmine for a company. This is why they have invented loaylity points. How this works? When you play more – then you earn more points for the game and you get like 10% of what you lost in the game. So a simple simulations: When you spend 1000 chips tonight and you have loyality card open – then they will reward you with 10% = 100 free chips for tonight’s game. Easy as that – right. So always open a loyality account first when you got to LV. If you want to read more about that program visit Wikipage:

A short tutorial on Slotomania


playtika-logoWant a tutorial on Slotomania? Okay…Let me first give an introduction on Slotomania. Though I know that you know what Slotomania is but I am giving this short paragraph of information for those who are new to the game. A brief description of its manufacture, the app, and its features.

Slotomania was developed by Playtika, a company famous for its unique games that ruled all over the world. Slotomania is mainly a casino type gaming app designed for the amusement of 21 years and above. It is just a social casino type of game that does not manipulate the gamers in real money type of gaming. As per the terms and conditions, it is clearly stated that Slotomania’s tournament results are entirely on luck based and the choices made by the players during the tournament. There are no live tournaments organized by the company.

The basics

slotomania-logoGiving a basic tutorial, Slotomania has 55 types of games. These games are different from each other in terms of their graphics and sounds. Additionally, these games have new challenges in each level. The main feature is that the key to the new level is given after you successfully complete the existing level. Reach the goal and win the play the next level. At the beginning of each level virtual coins are provided to you for free. After you finishing each level you are rewarded with more virtual coins and this helps you in playing the next level and this process goes on. One can receive virtual coins as a gift from friends and other players. Though there are options where you can buy virtual coins with real world money but there is no need for that arises as you get a good amount of virtual coins in reward after you finish a level. To start playing, register by creating an account and a password. You will need to provide your email address and need to connect your account through your Facebook account.

After you have created your account, you can start playing the game. There is a button ‘SPIN’, you have to click on that. Now the reels will start spinning and if you win, it will stop one after the other. There is a payline present that consists of consecutive symbols. These paylines goes from left to right on the reels. These paylines can go diagonally, straight across, zigzag or along any number of routes. It becomes active whenever you bet on payline. If the winning combination appears on the active pay lines then your reward is the associated payouts for the winning symbol that are indicated in the pay table. A gamer can increase or decrease his per line bet. The winning amount is multiplied by the per line bet. So bet higher to win more. One can win free slotomania coins spins, special prizes, and bonus games during a spin.

There are tips provided by the developer in each phase of the game. So guys just create the account, connect it with facebook and start playing the game.